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Amina Ann Qutub, PhD

Amina is an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, with training in neurobiology, computer science and engineering. Amina’s research focuses on the development of computational and experimental methods to uncover the way cells communicate during growth and regeneration. The Qutub Lab is integrating fundamental knowledge gained by understanding cell communication with new technologies to monitor cognitive health in order to transform the treatment of neurological diseases and optimize brain health throughout life. 

Byron Long, PhD

Byron is a Research Scientist ’with 10 years experience in computational systems biology and doctoral training in theoretical computer science. Byron has built on his training in logic to develop novel image-analysis programs and rule-based models to study how human cells form tissues. His research interests are in artificial intelligence, image processing, and predictive algorithms. 

Kelsey Phelan

Kelsey is a PhD student with training in neural cell cultures. She is designing living neural network assays for volunteers' cells. Her research interests are in the regeneration of neurons and how the neural environmental condition correlates to brain health.

Erin Pollet

Erin is a PhD student with 10 years of clinical sleep experience as a registered polysomnographic technologist. Her research interests are in circadian rhythm and sleep disorders and how they relate to cellular mechanisms in the central nervous system.

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