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A look in the lab

Quantu Project team members Dr. Amina Ann Qutub and Dr. Byron Long in the lab

One of the most exciting, scientifically promising and challenging parts of the Quantu Project is that we study how human brain cells regenerate and form networks in the lab. We make these brain cells from blood samples, which means we can ask questions about how an individual person's genes, age and health, and daily habits influence the formation of new neurons. By studying a large number of people - all at the individual level over time - our goal is to be able to find potential ways to optimize brain cell health and ward off cognitive decline, in a personalized manner. Without our volunteers, these studies would not be possible, and we're grateful for your participation in advancing brain health through the Quantu Project!

Human neurons developing from stem cells in the lab. Blue = nuclei; Red = neurofilament, a marker of neurons' cytoskeleton; Green = nestin, a marker of stem cells.

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