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Cognitive Health & Daily Living Resources

We heard you! Thank you to the Quantu Project volunteers and friends who filled out the survey about how we can help during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the survey, the three most requested items were: (1) a resource website, (2) exercise training, and instructional webinars and (3) ways to deal with social isolation and lack of structure. We have been working hard to bring you and our broader communities resources to help.

Resource Website Quantu Project team members together with many other faculty and students from UTSA's AI Consortium and the Biomedical Engineering department, and volunteers from the general public quickly put together a resource website. Spearheaded by Dr. Amina A. Qutub, the site includes resources on cognitive health & exercise, and updates on the availability of groceries and protective supplies. For anyone interested, we'd love help updating the resources on the site for your city (anywhere in the U.S.) and/or suggestions for how it can better help you! For those who volunteered already, we will reach out - thank you!

Jenny Brethen, the newest member of the Quantu Project team, will also be reaching out to Quantu Project volunteers to check in and answer any questions. We are planning ways to host our workshops, project updates, and seminars remotely. We're also seeking options to offer remote exercise training for volunteers.

Thank you again to our volunteers and friends for advancing brain health through the Quantu Project! We hope you stay safe.

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