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How has the pandemic affected your activities?

Updated: May 19, 2020

How has the COVID-19 pandemic altered your lifestyle and brain-healthy habits like good nutrition, exercise, social interactions & stress relief? Help us by filling out a survey


Brain-Healthy Habits

Survey Link


Thank you to everyone who responded already! More than 100 people have. The survey takes about 5 minutes. The results will be used to help study how the pandemic is affecting lifestyle factors that influence our brains’ health. Our goal is to identify ways to mitigate long-term risks to brain health.

The Quantu Project team is in a unique position to join this fight. Through the Quantu Project (, we have been studying daily habits and linking them to biomarkers of brain changes to uncover the biological mechanisms of how lifestyle habits affect the brain, on an individual basis. Details about the Quantu Project and its aims are here.

Results of the survey and our studies so far have shown the pandemic is affecting people in very different ways. To that end, we're seeking responses that represent diverse, broad demographics (all ages, races, genders, cities, etc), so please share the survey. Everyone's participation counts. We're also hoping that more men will answer the survey - at the moment, a disproportionate majority (>70%) of responders are women.

Thanks to all volunteers & friends for help advancing brain health through the Quantu Project!

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