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Join us this Friday for an exercise class!

Join us tomorrow Friday 6/26 at 10 am Central | 8 am Pacific | 11 am Eastern for a 30-min online beginner exercise class with elite athlete, entrepreneur and trainer Teofilo (TEO) Reyes.

(for those who have not registered already)

Everyone interested in becoming more fit is welcome to join! Click here for details.

Teofilo Reyes
Join Teofilo (TEO) Reyes for exercise classes MWF at 10 am Central.

Classes with TEO are offered Monday (beginner), Wednesday (intermediate) and Friday (beginner) through July 20th. Each class is open to the public. Please register in advance to receive notifications. Goals of these classes are to motivate positive change in fitness and daily habits that protect brain health.

Check out example videos from classes in April and May, and read more @ TEO here.


The pandemic has been affecting exercise, sleep quality, diet, and social interactions, with more than 68% of survey responders indicating changes to their activity levels. A few results from the public survey on brain-healthy habits and activity levels during the pandemic are below. Our remote exercise classes, free and open to Quantu Project friends and the public, are one way to encourage different forms of exercise and reduce isolation.

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