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Keeping Active

Updated: May 5, 2020

Hoping everyone is staying safe and doing well. We've been excited to have volunteers & friends join trainer Teofilo (Teo) Reyes Jr for remote exercise classes the last two weeks. Everyone is welcome to join through May 18th. More information is here. Mondays are geared towards those who are more advanced, Wednesdays intermediate and Fridays beginners.

Exercise is a pillar of cognitive health, and physical activity can help protect against dementia even for those with genetic risks. However, keeping active now takes extra effort. There are more physical constraints. Emotional, social, and motivational hurdles have increased too. We've been encouraged to see many people staying active or starting new exercise routines. Check out one of Teo's videos from an intermediate session below. Thank you to Teo for the classes and Quantu Project manager Jenny Brethen for coordinating.

It's also with gratitude that our team thanks all our Quantu volunteers and friends for continuing to advance brain health through the Quantu Project. Please drop us a line if there are other ways we can help out during this crisis and its recovery. We will be sending out a newsletter soon with updates for the next month.


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