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Neuropsychologist Dr. David Gonzalez & elite trainer Chris Xanders presented Saturday

Neuropsychologist Dr. David Gonzalez presenting on risk factors for dementia and lifestyle factors with the potential to improve cognitive health

Thanks to Quantu Project guest speakers elite fitness trainer & firefighter Chris Xanders and neuropsychologist Dr. David Gonzalez of UT-Health and the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer's & Neurodegenerative Diseases who presented engaging talks on exercise tips and the newest research on lifestyle factors affecting cognitive health, respectively. Thanks also to Ballistic Crossfit owner Aaron Bielefeldt who shared his perspective on improving fitness during the Q & A. Quantu Project team members and bioengineers Erin Pollet and Sean Tritley presented on tips for using fitness trackers. Bioengineers Keith Kern and Dr. Amina Ann Qutub introduced the speakers, and Dr. Byron Long led new volunteer enrollment.

Elite fitness trainer and firefighter Chris Xanders presenting on ways to improve fitness for everyone

An audience of ~70 people joined the first Quantu Project workshop, and we'll send slides and a quick feedback survey by email to all registered attendees and volunteers.

Thanks again to the speakers, to all the Quantu Project team members who helped organize, current Quantu Project volunteers, new volunteers and friends who joined us this Saturday!

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