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Highlights from Quantu Workshop survey

Twenty-nine of the ~70 attendees of the Inaugural Quantu Project Workshop this month gave us feedback from an emailed survey. Thanks for the feedback! Overall, when ranking their satisfication with the August 10th workshop, all survey responders ranked it higher than average (3/5 or above), and two-thirds ranked it excellent (5/5).

A couple highlights: the guest speakers (elite fitness trainer Chris Xanders and neuropsychologist Dr. David Gonzalez) received great reviews; microphones are a must; and the latest research on brain health is important content for our workshops. Dr. David Gonzalez's summary of the current research on lifestyle factors influencing brain health was ranked particularly highly (>4.9 for content, where 5 is best), and >60% of attendees expressed interest in future workshops with hands-on fitness tips.

Suggestions for next workshops and recruitment were very helpful, informative and creative - thank you to those who took the time to write in! As we expand recruiting and plan the next workshop for Saturday, October 26th, we're keeping in mind all the suggestions.

Thanks again to our guest speakers, Quantu Project team members who organized the event, and all attendees for the first Quantu Project workshop this month.

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